The RUG for your MUG!

Hi and welcome to Sew Blue Thread.   Have you ever made a lovely warm cuppa, and then went to put it down on the table but didn’t have anything to put it onto so as not to burn the table?    Today, I would like to end that situation for you with the RUG for your MUG pattern.   The pattern is an old favourite, and have used it over and over for gifts for friends.

The pattern has been around for a while, so decided to give it a new revamp in ‘Newspaper and toothpaste’ colours.   Lots of newspaper fabric, greys, toothpaste colours, and whatever else was found amongst the scraps.  It’s not only great for using up scrap fabrics, but the RUG for your MUG is useful too.

So here’s the new upgrade version of the RUG for your MUG.

The only trouble in completing the sample, was that the trusty thread on the machine ran out.  It took an afternoon to get most of the fabric pieces cut, stitched, and to a stage where it was just ready for binding. Simple!  This is a super easy pattern.  The Rug for your Mug pattern is in downloadable pdf format, so is ready for use.  It contains alot of colour pictures, as well as written instructions, to get you step by step through to the end.

You can find the new upgraded MUG RUG pattern here.

If you want to find out more about the original MUG RUG pattern,  you can find it –> here<–.

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So until next time.

Have fun sewing



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