Two dresses in one

Hello everybody, The idea of making a girls dress, plus, a matching dolls dress, has been one of my ‘let’s give it a whirl’ ideas for a long time.  Since having a daughter, now would be the time. Well, haven’t I had fun with this little project.  Found a pattern … Continue Reading →

Christmas in July

  It’s that time of year again, when we think of cold weather setting in, in the Southern Hemisphere, and when there’s cold weather, we think of a reason for Christmas in July. Break out the tinsel, Christmas tree, baubles, presents, and most of all, get together with friends and … Continue Reading →

Goldy Fish Mini Quilt

  It’s been a while since bringing out a Mini Quilt pattern, so here it is…today would like to share with you my latest quilt called ‘Goldy Fish Mini Quilt’.  I’ve always loved having goldfish around, as they give such a calming effect.  Easy pet to keep, and happy to give … Continue Reading →