Pocket Wallet Free pattern and New fabric


Hi everyone, Today, I have a Pocket Wallet to share with you.  It’s a wallet, containing, 4 individual pockets in one.  I have found these to be incredibly useful, so I thought to share the pattern. These Pocket Wallets are excellent and handy for keeping things together.

The Pocket Wallet has many uses…

  • jewellery
  • storing kids pocket money
  • family budgeting envelopes
  • household expenses/bills money
  • lego play pockets for car trips with children
  • pencil/notebook activity for car trips with children
  • picnics, for cutlery, salt/pepper, serviettes
  • first aid kits for the car/house
  • baking supplies (spoons, cake decorating bits and bobs)
  • craft scissors/cotton spools/needles/pins/measure tape
  • gardening seeds collection for the gardener.
  • kids game pieces (dice, counters, markers, cards)
  • computer wiring, earphones, plugs, USB’s,
  • camera equipment, lenses, cards, cleaning cloths,
  • pegs, sachet of washing powder for camping
  • musical instrument storage equipment (cloths, reeds, plectrum, strings)
  • fishing equipment storage (sinkers, hooks, knife, spare fishing line)

So you get the idea at how useful this wallet is.   The Pocket wallet free pattern and fabric can be found on the link below.

The pocket wallet has been given a velcro strip, stitched in place

for easy opening and closing.

The centre  has been zig-zagged on the machine,

to bring the 4 pockets together.

Each pocket on it’s front side I have stitched a clear vinyl

strip to use to insert a label in each one.

The measurements and instructions are included in the pattern, as well as plenty of pictures along the way.

Not only, is this a handy wallet, it can be made using my very own designed fabric.

So introducing ‘Swirly Whirly’…

‘Swirly Whirly’ is a 100% cotton fabric, great for quilting and sewing projects, summer tops, and dresses.

My next fabric is called ‘Lines’ which is my favourite of these 2.  It’s bright colours can be used in quilting projects and a perfect match for use with a fabric stash on any quilt project.

Both fabrics are made from 100% cotton.

These fabrics are currently in my shop, and can be found when you click on the link below.

Lines fabric

Swirly Whirly fabric

Both fabrics come in fat quarter lots.  There are limited quantities, so you might want to be quick before they run out.

Here is the link for the Pocket Wallet Instructions.


So until next time.

Have fun sewing…


Pocket Wallet and associated fabric is seen first here on Sew Blue Thread.

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